Gift Ideas For Your Parents - 5 Gift Ideas to Give Your Parents This Christmas

We are all well aware that the there are different kinds of Christmas presents that we purchase. I am not talking about the item itself but the thought process for the purchase itself.

1. The token gift - bought for your child's teacher, the work colleague, our friends children, distant family. The tedious present to buy, bought on impulse when walking through a large department store. Little thought goes into this, price and ease of purchase are the driving forces.

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2. The special friend gift - a lovely present to buy, usually a present you would like yourself. You are likely to love the same things as these people. This gift is often found in a small independent shop and will have required time and effort to find.

Gift Ideas For Your Parents - 5 Gift Ideas to Give Your Parents This Christmas

3. The close loved one - parents, spouse, child. The hardest present to get right. You know this person well but you have already bought something for their hobby or interest in previous years. This gift needs to be special, thought about and a gift to be treasured.

One of the reasons that buying for parents is so hard is because we have to do this every year. By the time we have reached 40, we are likely to have had to make this purchasing decision about 25 times! No wonder we are running out of ideas.

Before setting out around the shops or surfing aimlessly for hours, we should understand what we are trying to achieve.

We want to buy a gift that is:

1. treasured

2. thought about

3. correct for the age and physical/mental ability of the parent

4. related to interests or hobbies

5. a reminder of an era or past experience

A parent who loved rock climbing in the past and who is now in their 70's is unlikely to appreciate a set of new ropes but would be very pleased with a painting or limited edition print of mountains they have climbed. A novelty toy from the isle of the department store may be fine for the lucky dip work present and will end up in the bin shortly after. This is not how our parents want to be made to feel.

Gifts that can involve the whole family are a good way to solve this present problem.

This type of present could be;

1. Tickets for the theater for the family.

2. Photographs in a beautiful album.

3. A short break for close family.

4. A family portrait.

5. A smart beautifully packaged jigsaw puzzle or board game.

A jigsaw puzzle or board game draws everyone together and over the Christmas period provides entertainment and closeness. They take the stresses and strains out of the conversation minefield that is a family Christmas. Family want to be close at this time of the year but sometimes this can cause friction. By having a common goal, something neutral to join in with all together, this can create a relaxed warm atmosphere.

Obviously there are games and games, jigsaws and jigsaws. Buying your beloved parents a cheap pack of playing cards or a cardboard jigsaw is not going to give the impression of a well thought through gift. However an elegantly packaged board game or a hand designed or hand cut jigsaw will look beautiful and special.

Finally, when you are racing around the shops with a feeling of total panic, always remember that Christmas is one day, once a year. However, your parents are for life, not just for Christmas!

Gift Ideas For Your Parents - 5 Gift Ideas to Give Your Parents This Christmas

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