Family Gift Ideas

Buying gifts takes some thought and consideration. When you need a family gift idea it can be even more daunting. There are some things to take into account that will help with the gift selection.

o Is the family into outdoor activities? If so, a vacation package would be a good idea. There are many places that offer hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities as part of vacations these days.

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o Does the family have more sophisticated tastes? Tickets to a play would be a good idea for these types of people. If all of the family members are over twenty-one, tickets to a wine tasting would be another gift idea.

Family Gift Ideas

o Are all of the family members above the age of fifteen? In this case a spa package would be a good family gift idea. Anyone over fifteen will enjoy a massage and other pampering, so this gift would be well received.

o If the family is really into a particular sports team, get them season tickets as a gift. If you cant afford season tickets for the whole family, get each family member a team jersey.

o Academic or intellectual families might like gift cards to a book store.

o Movie passes are another gift idea. Don't get the movie tickets for any particular movie however, because you don't want to limit the family's options. Some of them may not like the same movies.

o Another idea along the same lines is to get a gift card from a movie rental store such as Block Buster or Movie Gallery. This will ensure that each family member gets to pick their own movies.

o If you need a family gift idea and don't know specific things the family enjoys, gift cards to department stores or mass merchandise stores are good ideas. This will allow the family to buy whatever they really need.

o Does the family include small children? In this instance theme park tickets might be a good gift. There are things for people of all ages at most theme parks so the adults won't be left out. This is a wonderful gift for a family that cant afford to take their children to one of the major theme parks themselves.

o A family that is getting healthy would enjoy a family gym membership as a gift.

As you can see, its easier to buy a gift if you know the family's interest, likes, and dislikes. This will help you narrow down the options and ensure that you get something the whole family will enjoy. Group gifts are a good idea for the gift giver also because you often get discounts on tickets and the like. Be innovative and you are sure to find a great family gift idea.

Family Gift Ideas

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Christmas 2010 Gift Ideas: Themes for White Elephant Gift Exchange

A white elephant gift exchange sometimes called a Yankee Swap is a popular holiday party game in North America, with many variations in play. Generally, there's a tradition in white elephant parties, family or office members exchange gifts. It's a special way that can make everyone gets a unique Christmas gifts. So to make it fun, try to make a certain theme gift, here are some unique gift ideas for you.


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Most of people love food gifts. During the Christmas holiday season, there are large amount of food in the market for you to choose. You can select fun food as your present, at the same time; you should list your recipients' different dietary restrictions to make your gift suitable for everyone's taste in appropriate way.

Christmas 2010 Gift Ideas: Themes for White Elephant Gift Exchange


Books can be a nice theme gift. In a bookstore, you can find something that suits almost everyone. Or if you have a targeted idea in mind for some particular person, you can also have a lot of choices in the bookstore.

Gift basket

You can also have a theme gift basket that full of fun. Instead of a single present, you should prepare a whole bunch of some certain themes. You can select by your own, or choose the already done in the market.


Many people like alcohol, an alcohol theme gift also suit for almost every person except children. But there are also some requirements for you. First you should make sure everyone in the party can drink; another is you had better avoided in the work place.

A gift related to your group

If you are a member of a group or organization, then select a theme gift that related to your group will be better option of your 2010 Christmas white elephant gift exchange. For instance, if you are in a writing group, you can choose a nice pen or some books related; if you are in music fan group, you might want some favorite music CDs or music related souvenir.

Consider the above themes when creating your Christmas 2010 white elephant gift exchange, have a good preparation for this 2010 Christmas holiday season.

Christmas 2010 Gift Ideas: Themes for White Elephant Gift Exchange

Find great gift ideas and other gift ideas in Here are unique gift ideas for any special events.

Gift Ideas For Your Parents - 5 Gift Ideas to Give Your Parents This Christmas

We are all well aware that the there are different kinds of Christmas presents that we purchase. I am not talking about the item itself but the thought process for the purchase itself.

1. The token gift - bought for your child's teacher, the work colleague, our friends children, distant family. The tedious present to buy, bought on impulse when walking through a large department store. Little thought goes into this, price and ease of purchase are the driving forces.

\"gift Ideas\"

2. The special friend gift - a lovely present to buy, usually a present you would like yourself. You are likely to love the same things as these people. This gift is often found in a small independent shop and will have required time and effort to find.

Gift Ideas For Your Parents - 5 Gift Ideas to Give Your Parents This Christmas

3. The close loved one - parents, spouse, child. The hardest present to get right. You know this person well but you have already bought something for their hobby or interest in previous years. This gift needs to be special, thought about and a gift to be treasured.

One of the reasons that buying for parents is so hard is because we have to do this every year. By the time we have reached 40, we are likely to have had to make this purchasing decision about 25 times! No wonder we are running out of ideas.

Before setting out around the shops or surfing aimlessly for hours, we should understand what we are trying to achieve.

We want to buy a gift that is:

1. treasured

2. thought about

3. correct for the age and physical/mental ability of the parent

4. related to interests or hobbies

5. a reminder of an era or past experience

A parent who loved rock climbing in the past and who is now in their 70's is unlikely to appreciate a set of new ropes but would be very pleased with a painting or limited edition print of mountains they have climbed. A novelty toy from the isle of the department store may be fine for the lucky dip work present and will end up in the bin shortly after. This is not how our parents want to be made to feel.

Gifts that can involve the whole family are a good way to solve this present problem.

This type of present could be;

1. Tickets for the theater for the family.

2. Photographs in a beautiful album.

3. A short break for close family.

4. A family portrait.

5. A smart beautifully packaged jigsaw puzzle or board game.

A jigsaw puzzle or board game draws everyone together and over the Christmas period provides entertainment and closeness. They take the stresses and strains out of the conversation minefield that is a family Christmas. Family want to be close at this time of the year but sometimes this can cause friction. By having a common goal, something neutral to join in with all together, this can create a relaxed warm atmosphere.

Obviously there are games and games, jigsaws and jigsaws. Buying your beloved parents a cheap pack of playing cards or a cardboard jigsaw is not going to give the impression of a well thought through gift. However an elegantly packaged board game or a hand designed or hand cut jigsaw will look beautiful and special.

Finally, when you are racing around the shops with a feeling of total panic, always remember that Christmas is one day, once a year. However, your parents are for life, not just for Christmas!

Gift Ideas For Your Parents - 5 Gift Ideas to Give Your Parents This Christmas

Judy Hilton launched Perdu Puzzles in February 2010. Perdu Puzzles produces intellectually difficult jigsaw puzzles. The jigsaws are hand designed and limited edition. The cut lines enhance the image and create tricks and turns to baffle and tease. Perdu Puzzles bring jigsaws into the 21st century with modern materials and images creating a luxury, collectible heirloom. The jigsaws are packaged in beautiful bespoke boxes. They make a stunning, unique gift.

Once you have completed a Perdu Puzzle other jigsaws will seem boring. The answer to the question "what do you buy the person who has everything?"

40th Birthday Funny Gift Ideas!

For some turning 40 comes as an awful upset and is dreaded. For others, 40 is a birthday they accept! Either way, incorporating several 40th Birthday Gag Gifts is sure to ease the atmosphere and help the birthday girl or guy have a memorable birthday! There are some great resources online that you should visit if you are looking for 40th Birthday Gag Gifts.

If you are at a complete loss trying to conjure up a good gag gift for someone you know who's turning 40, here are a few ideas. Over the Hill Things. "Over the hill" is a typical theme for 40th Birthday Gag Gifts. You can unearth endless gift ideas that say "over the hill" and focus on just how much of an "old fart" the birthday celebrant in fact is. From cakes and candles to t-shirts, bogus granny (or grandpa) glasses, balloons and banners and other decor items, there are masses of options. Wonderful gag gifts that go along with this topic include walking canes (certain with honking horns), potty night lights for old folks who might have trouble finding the toilet as their eyes become old, denture-looking ice cube trays, old fart slippers, Mr. Saggy balls underwear, an over the hill parking permit, elderly tattoos, over the hill diapers, a bald man's comb, or an over the hill party hat.

\"gift Ideas\"

Bodily Function related crude items. This is definitely a guy thing-not a girl theme. For some reason, guys don't mind discussing heaps of bodily functions and sharing the most foul-mouthed and repugnant likenesses to byproducts of the human body. And they seem to like to include these disgusting items into their humor, particularly for milestone birthdays like the 40th, particularly if they look realistic and/or contain sound effects. So if you're planning a celebration for a 40 year old male, all of the following items are in play for birthday joke gifts: fanny floss (for difficult to reach places), old fashioned shithead game, everyone's favorite... the fart game, doo doo darts, a toilet mug, or a fart machine remote control, happy b-day K9 doo, or any of the dozens of other gag gifts with a common smelly crude theme.

40th Birthday Funny Gift Ideas!

Themes related to sex. Gag gifts with a sexual premise have endless appeal for many men and women regardless of whether they are merely reaching 21 years of age or reaching the big 4...0 or even beyond. Birthday party gag gift ideas that keep with this subject matter include things like breast pepper and salt shakers, a huge inflatable willie, a breast mug, weener kleener, naked tees for golf, and a sperm bank for coins.

Alcohol related themes. For a number of people, a birthday festivity isn't perfect without tons of alcohol and some funny joke gifts that allow the birthday celebrant to partake of them in a unique way. Enter gag gift ideas similar to the hops holster for cans of beer and the fake beer belly that lets you hide your "carry ins" under your tee shirt and your belt buckle at the same time as you can down them through a lengthy straw for the guys and the comparable wine rack-a bra that holds wine that also enhances the womanly figure and holds her "carry ins" that she can gulp through a long straw for the ladies. Other prank gifts include the tequila bandolier, an elderly man whizzer peeing liquor machine, a drinking beer hat, a flask shaped like binoculars, plus the pass out game. There are as well those gifts seem to manage to encompass multiple themes in one, like the boob beer cover nipple sipper along with the condom can holders, which fit underneath both the booze and drink and the sexually related themes.

Sports-interrelated themes. Finally, sports-interconnected theme gifts appear to contain unwavering appeal-particularly as joke gifts for someone's 40th birthday. You can surprise the birthday guy or girl with the "hook, line and sinker" toilet fishing game; "oh shit" golf balls; "buck" the animated trophy (a plush deer and antler wall mount); a golf club fly swatter; a sharp shootin' (looks like a pistol) remote control, bulls eye toilet paper, and the potty putter toilet golf game, or else any one of dozens of additional gag gifts connected to the birthday celebrant's favorite winter sport or hobby.

40th Birthday Funny Gift Ideas!

Hopefully you've found the above 40th birthday gag gift ideas useful. For other ideas as well as excellent resources, take a look at the wealth of online resources for 40th Birthday Gag Gifts.

Gift Ideas For 20 Something Women

Women in their 20s are finally at that stage where they are no longer a teenager wanting to appear like a lady and wear adult clothes and makeup to make them look over 18, they are a lady and they are over 18.

So when buying Christmas presents for women in their 20 something years, clothes, makeup and jewelery like bracelets, earrings or necklaces are great. Just be sure you have an idea of the type of products they like to help ensure you get it right.

\"gift Ideas\"

You can either get this information through your contact with the 20 something woman or via discreet research - maybe her friends or family can tell you about those brands and specific items that she has mentioned wanting to get at some point in time. To be on the safe side if you are not sure, go for jewelry. Clothes and makeup have a full on effect on a woman's appearance, and if she does not like these gifts, they will simply never get used.

Gift Ideas For 20 Something Women

And do not forget perfumes either. As well as wanting to look beautiful, 20s women want to have an alluring and enticing smell too. So again, try to find out what types of fragrances she likes, or you should be safe to plump for one of the most popular or best selling fragrances on the market.

Or for a nice change and an unusual and unexpected gift, you could get her a tree. Yes you heard that right a tree. But of course we are not talking about ripping a great big tree out the ground and getting it delivered. No we are talking about baby trees that are easily transportable and not necessarily ones that will grow into massive trees over a few years either. You could get a house plant version of a lemon tree or mandarin tree or a bonsai tree. These are all great novelty indoor trees.

A few more gift ideas for the 20 something lady

If she likes to read gossip mags, or has a particular hobby or past time, grab her a respective magazine subscription for that particular interest of hers. There are plenty to choose from, and she will remember you every time the latest issue passes through her mail box.

Also, how about getting her a just released DVD, CD, or book that you will know she will appreciate. Or like with magazines why not gift her a DVD subscription so she can get the latest flicks to watch in her own home whenever she likes?

DVDs, CDs and books are also great gifts if she is into things like personal development, fitness, meditation or some other kind of interest, even better would be to find something that fits that little interest of hers.

One more Christmas Gift idea for the 20 something year old woman

If she is a really special 20 something year old lady. How about paying for her to have a gift experience day? Gift her a pampered day out at a spa, or having a fantastic make over session, or if she likes to sing, send her to a recording studio to get a taste of how those stars record their hits. Perhaps gift her a horseback riding session, or explore some other hobby or interest that she has. You name it, some company on the Internet provides it.

So there you have it, some great Christmas Present Ideas for 20 year old women.

Gift Ideas For 20 Something Women

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